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EVERY YEAR at NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO WEST and NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO EAST, editors and trend researchers from New Hope Natural Media and Sterling-Rice Group scour the show floor to find the products and brands they predict will shape the future of the natural products industry. The best of the best receive NEXTY nominations, which recognize the companies that embody not only the most innovative edge of the natural products industry, but also its deeply held social and environmental values.

From these nominations, we choose two types of winners in each category after each Expo. The first are the Editors’ Choice winners, who are selected by New Hope and SRG’s team of NEXT Forecast researchers. The second winners are selected by YOU, through our community voting process.

Click here to see the winners of the Editors' Choice award in each category.

Contact us HERE with any questions. Congratulations to all of the NEXTY nominees, runners-up, and winners!

It’s an honor to be chosen as a NEXTY nominee. Learn more about our criteria for choosing NEXTY nominees at

Natural, Organic and Functional
Foods and Beverages

  • Banza Banza 35.7% - Winner
  • Cook Simple Cook Simple 23.7% - Runner-up
  • Banza
  • Coexist Coffee
  • Cook Simple
  • Conscious Foods (Sugavida)
  • Eating Evolved
  • EXO
  • Misha (New American Quark)
  • Neat Foods (Neat Egg)
  • Our True Roots Tigernuts
  • Pure Wraps
  • Radicle Greens
  • Thince Foods
  • Vital Farms

and Ingredients

  • Youtheory New Earth Dynamics (Restore) 44.0% - Winner
  • Natural Factors (Whole Earth & Sea Bone Structure) 35.4% - Runner-up
  • American Health (More Than a Multiple)
  • Fire Cider
  • Juno Organic (Raw Meal)
  • New Earth Dynamics (Restore)
  • Nordic Naturals (Omega-3 Phospholipids)
  • NOW Foods (RememBRAIN and CurcuBRAIN)
  • Natural Factors (Whole Earth & Sea Bone Structure)
  • Tangut
  • Twinlab (MCT Fuel)

Beauty and
Natural Living

  • Ohana Organics Buff Her House of Exfoliation 44.5% - Winner
  • Flaska PRZMan 25.3% - Runner-up
  • #MPWR
  • Bambeco
  • Bee's Wrap
  • Buff Her House of Exfoliation
  • MIG Soap & Body
  • PRZMan
  • Shoosha